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The ConstructionWire Podcast

Jul 26, 2019

Want to sharpen your hotel industry chops?

In this episode of the ConstructionWire Podcast, we dive into some intriguing headlines from around the industry including the new look of the Spring Street Hotel in L.A. and the new Husch Blackwell Construction Academy.

Host Luke O'Brien will also speak with the hotel research supervisor at BuildCentral, Peter Speerbrecker, about the evolution of Eaton Workshop, a unique hotel brand that merges hospitality with social change.  Helmed by hotelier Katherine Lo, tune in to hear more about what makes them unique and why the brand is taking off.

We’ll also discuss this episode’s Mega Map project, the TMT or Thirty Meter Telescope. Tune in to learn how things are progressing and if local protests are taking a toll on the project’s development.

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